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About the Photographer
Since the terrorist attacks, David has dedicated himself to capturing the relationships, the trauma, and the hope that has defined Ground Zero these past 6 months. Revealing himself to be a compassionate and dedicated professional, David was embraced by the GPS (Global Positioning System) Unit of the New York City Fire Department (a special 9/11 recovery unit) as virtually one of their own. He spent hundreds of hours at Ground Zero… listening, watching, and photographing. His special access to the site and the workers themselves gave him a unique perspective that is clearly evident in his photographs.

David and his Ground Zero photography project, “A Narrative of Courage,” are receiving attention from the media as well as from cultural institutions. ABC News is preparing a story about him. The New York Historical Society currently features one of his photographs (The Crucifix) and is exploring the possibility of showing “A Narrative of Courage” in its entirety at their one-year anniversary exhibit. We are thrilled to offer six original, limited-edition photographs for auction at our benefit.

WTC Remains  

This photograph shows the only piece of the World Trade Center that was left standing after the attacks. It has been preserved and will be part of the permanent memorial dedicated to the victims of 9/11

The Crucifix
This remnant was found among the ruins by ironworker Frank S. and erected on site. It has become an icon of strength, love and humanity, and serves as a place of prayer and reflection for the Ground Zero workers. David’s photograph of the Crucifix is unique in that the viewer is drawn close enough to read the actual names and messages.

This photograph is currently featured at The New York Historical Society exhibit. An original was also dedicated to the firemen at Ground Zero and hangs permanently at the “10-10” firehouse across from the South Tower.

Tony Cummo (left) and Bob McGuire… friends, partners, family. At the time this picture was taken, Bob was still searching for his nephew; he eventually recovered his nephew’s body.

Moment of Silence
This photograph was taken on 9/25 at the Yankees’ first home game after the attacks. The significance of the numbers is evident. The poignancy of the moment is almost tangible.

Lt. Richie Quinn, during the memorial service at the Yankee game on 9/25. His gaze speaks volumes

Guiliani takes a moment with some of America’s real heroes. Photograph taken during the 9/25 Yankee game.

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